Kasane (lays)

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Kasane (lays)
The Kasane means layers of kimono or to layer kimono, but it also means the combination of color.
It is referred to as ” (combination of color)” and it is the abbreviation. For example, “Kiyanagi-no-Kasane” means the combination of colors of thin yellow in the front side and green in the lower side. It is not necessarily refer to the colors of the kimono worn top and under, but sometimes the outer and the lining. It is the Heian period that the concept of Kasane-no-Irome was born and each combination of colors was established with name. However, it is said that it is more recently, the Edo period that it was referred to as Kasane-no-Irome.

It is not the usual expression which uses in daily life, but there is a person who is aware of the Kasane-no-Irome when combining colors for kimono and inside cloth used around cuff and hem. In addition, when the bride wears 12-layered ceremonial kimono at a wedding, it seems to follow the Kasane-no-Irome traditionally. Recently, apart from the color of the traditional Kasane-no-Irome, the beautiful color conbination may be referred to as Kasane-no-Irome.