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To know a lot about KIMONO, we need to learn about TAN-MONO(反物) next.

TAN-MONO is simply stated as the fabric roll for KIMONO. It is standardized in the size of about 12 meters length and 36 centi-meters width, which is just for one KIMONO. Any KIMONO is made from such one roll of TAN-MONO.

When you would buy a new KIMONO at a kimono shop, you firstly choose a TAN-MONO, lay out the form of KIMONO you want, and tailor a KIMONO to fit your body.
I mean, you are not simply to buy a ready-made KIMONO, but to buy a TAN-MONO and then separately tailor KIMONO from it. Such transaction form of custom-made or tailor-made is general in KIMONO industry still now.
Although some kimono shop also deal with ready-made (or prêt-à-porter) KIMONO, most of those are limited to the easygoing line for beginners.

Brand TAN-MONO, made through remarkably long multiple processes by a number of craftsmen, requires extraordinarily great care in comparison with industrialized fabrics. So it’s not uncommon to see that a TAN-MONO is priced over 1,000,000 yen. It’s just like fine art and craft, but not mass-produced goods.

On the other hand, in these days we also have many selections of mass-produced TAN-MONO that is good for daily use KIMONO. You can buy a KIMONO with these economical TAN-MONO for total from several tens of thousands yen including tailor fee.

As shown in the figure below, TAN-MONO is cut straight across and sewn in the form of KIMONO.


It is remarkable that TAN-MONO are cut into rectangles, so that whole parts are not wasted. And it is possible to restore original shape of TAN-MONO by disassembling KIMONO and stitch all parts together, and to re-tailor into other size of KIMONO so that a KIMONO can be used for three generations.



つまり、出来上がった着物を買うわけではなく、反物を買って、仕立ての注文をするわけです。このような注文服(custom-made or tailor made)の業態が、着物に関しては今も一般的です。
一部の店では既製服(ready-made or prêt-à-porter)の着物を扱うことがありますが、どちらかといえば本格的な愛好家向けの着物ではなく、手頃なものに限られます。





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