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Do you know what KIMONO definitely means?

KIMONO means Japanese conventional cloth, that is also called WAFUKU or GOFUKU.

In Japan, KIMONO used to be the mainstream until just few decades ago. And along with the popularization of Western clothes, KIMONO taken on a sense of traditional ethnic dress.

As there are many types of Western clothes, KIMONO also includes many types of situational cloth like full-dress suit, business dress, work clothing, stylish garment, daily clothing and loungewear that each have changed with the times.

For example, YUKATA is a kind of KIMONO that is worn in the summer today. It originate from the robe worn in the steam bath during the Heian Period (8-11th century). It has then become to be used as bathrobe and sleepwear during the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (late 15th century), and become popular among common people during Edo Period (16-18th century) with the growth of SENTO (public bathhouse). It’s material has also been altered from linen to cotton to nylon, by catching up cheap and popular one. Now, it is occasionally worn as casual cloth in summer, and you can see many people irrespective of age or sex are dressed in YUKATA in the summer festival or fireworks display.

On the other hand, formal KIMONO has well retained old style, and is still valued as high-toned cloth at the special event or ceremonial occasions. Those type of KIMONO are tailor-made, and made of high quality silk fabric that is hand-weaved by traditional process of manufacture in craftsmanship, so the price can easily run to 1 million yen for a KIMONO. Furthermore, KIMONO is layered-style that consist of around 10 piece of clothing, and cost a fortune for a complete set.

But, of course, there are many accessible KIMONO for daily use also. Some KIMONO made of cotton or nylon but not silk, and sold as ready-made (pret-a-porter) would sell for around several tens of thousand yen in set. Still now some are usually wearing KIMONO for their love for KIMONO, and some has opportunities to wear KIMONO for traditional jobs or culture lessons.

And, new fashion of KIMONO is continuously created by new designers. We might say that developing new ideas based on study of the past is the quintessence of Japanese culture.

So now, might you be interested in KIMONO?

It would be grateful for FURICLE, if you start thinking that you want to know about KIMONO, to see KIMONO, or to get KIMONO. We believe KIMONO is the fine thing and should get it to the fans around the world.

“May I have a chance to wear KIMONO?”
Yes you may!

In some countries you have conventions on Japanese popular culture where you can come in contact with anime, manga and more Japanese culture. There should be the event space that you can try-on KIMONO and take a picture in KIMONO.
Many fan communities for KIMONO are active around the world. They are communicating on and off line to share their wonderful experience.
And if you have chance to visit Japan, you must come to walk the streets in KIMONO.
FURICLE will give you information and support for your those activity.

“May I have a way to get a low price on KIMONO ?”
Yes you may!

In these days, used or antique KIMONO can be bought cheap, as those are widely available in significant quantities, and you can buy them for about the same price as other vintage clothes. And, some people wear it as-is, some get it altered for their size, some arranges it, some use it as the fabric for patchwork, and some remake it into other product such like pouch or bag to re-sell.

FURICLE will deliver those antique KIMONO to the fans abroad to make more people have chance to be aware of the treasure in KIMONO.

FURICLE has a mission to serve for KIMONO fans around the world. So if you need any help from Japan please ask us, as we will make an effort.











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