Kimono in January

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Beautiful japanese kimono woman

In January, we have a occasion to wear kimono such as hatsumode (visiting shrine or temple to pray for good luck for the new year).

In Japan, we have a custom to wear kimono on New Years Day.If we assume that hatsumode is “greeting of new year for God”, it is natural to wear formal kimono including furisode.

In the meanwhile, if we consider actual situation where we spend in large crowd outside for a long time, it is a reasonable selection to wear komon and tsumugi which are comfortable to wear.

Everyone has a different way of selection, and we cannot say which is correct.
You can wear what you want.

Unless new year party is very formal, formal and casual kimono will be welcomed.

Speaking of kimono and obi in January, design of zodiac is very popular. Even if it is not zodiac of the year, for example, we are allowed to wear design of zodiac
when we were born, but we mind about what people think of us.

We can recommend the one where 12 animals of zodiac are described, especially the one where several animals of zodiac are described, because we can use it every year without worrying.

Other than that, “takarazukushi” and treasure ship, which have good luck, make us happy and lucky.