Types of kimonos differ between the seasons

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japanese kimono woman on white background

Kimonos can be largely divided into three types, Awase, Hitoe, and Usumono.

From autumn to spring, you wear Awase.You begin to wear Hitoe in early summer, and when it becomes hot you wear Usumono.When the heat begins to cool down, you wear Hitoe again, and in autumn you go back to Awase, and the cycle goes on.

Awase is a kimono with lining cloth.Specifically, the season to wear Awase is difined as October to May of next year.This period consists more than half of a year, so you wear Awase most frequently.

Therefore, if you say kimono, it normally indicates Awase.

Hitoe is a kimono which doesn’t have a lining cloth, but the material is the same as Awase.You wear Hitoe around June and September, as a rough indication.

Usumono is a kimono made from translucent material, with no lining cloth.Normally, you wear it in July and August.

Of course, in days during the change of season, there are cold days in spring or hot days in autumn, and there is a temperature difference between places, so there are times when you wear Hitoe in May or Usumono in September.You should adjust it according to the actual weather, based on the basic seasonal range.