Kimono in February

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Beautiful japanese kimono woman

It is very cold in February, and we need to have a measure to protect us against coldness. We have no clear rule for outfit to prevent coldness. If possible, we can use the one for western clothes.

As we cannot hide sleeve of kimono when we wear coat for western clothes, we need a coat for Japanese clothes. But we can use poncho in stead depending on design.

We cover neck by shawl, but if we wear casual kimono, knit muffler goes well with it.

The sleeve of kimono is not closed, and we sometimes feel cold at our hands. It is useful to have long glove and arm cover that are as long as elbow.

As for tabi (socks when wearing kimono), the one with cotton flannel at back for winter is sold, but some people wear tabi after wearing socks with five fingers and tabi socks.

We feel warm with under shirt whose length of arm is as long as 70 percent of the arm and spat. But if we select long one, people can see the shirt, and please select the one whose color is similar to beige if you put priority on warmness.

It is very cold in February, but it is also time to select design of spring for kimono and obi. The most typical design is daffodils and plum, but after middle of February design of doll festival is used as motif.