How to wear much bigger kimono?

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How to wear much bigger kimono?

If size Kimono is too bigger so that your hands are covered over all, it is hard to deal with way wearing. In case Kimono covers your hand a little, it can be shotage a few centi-meter by adjust around the chest. At first, draw Kimono part of your back side to right and left, then smooth down and remove pecker your front side to side, and fold from front to back and hold with Datejime.

In case too longer length, rise up the waist band.
If Ohashori has still much volume after you rise up to waist, You bring up the lower part to appropriate position, and holding with another waist band. The part of slack covered by Datejime. It is all right Your back side Ohashori will covered by band if it isn’t put in order, while bring up Ohashori to than the band’s hanging. In case too wide your Width of a garment, fit a lower front (right side body) to the body, fold back to front(leave from body) left side. The center of upper body matchs the point of backbone, not care of the downside body slip off to right side.