How to coordinate a kimono and a obi?

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How to coordinate a kimono and a obi?

It is a pleasure to choose coordination of a kimono and a obi, but it is also difficult for kimono beginners. I think they may face some difficulties since it is based on “pattern to pattern” selection not like western style clothes. For western style clothes, coordinating by similar patterns and colors make you comfortable, but for kimono, coordinating a kimono and a obi with similar patterns or colors loses sharpness and giving an indistinct impression. It looks much beautiful if coordinating in contrast way: a large pattern kimono with a small pattern obi, bright color kimono with a modest color obi. When coordinating a kimono and an obi with similar patterns and colors, it is better to give an accent by choosing opposite color for obiage and obijime or use rather large obidome.

In addition, when you go to a kimono shop, they might recommend you to make “one color of kimono for prime color of an obi”. For example, it is said to be better if coordinating a dark blue kimono with yellow flowers pattern and a yellow obi. This idea can also be applied for choosing obiage and obijime. In this case, if totally different red obi is coordinated with a dark blue kimono with yellow flowers pattern, it looks well-coordinated when they are coordinated with yellow obiage and obijime.