What can be rearranged and remade from kimono

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What can be rearranged and remade from kimono

You can make various things using kimono fabrics. But there is this problem very specific to kimono that “they can’t be washed” (except for cotton and polyester made kimono). Kimono with sakizome (previously dyed yarn) can be hand washed with a neutral detergent. However, kimono with atozome (after-weaving dyed yarn) surely lose colors when soaked in water as they are just like painted over fabrics. Also, fabrics with embossed patterns such as chirimen (silk crepes) shrink when soaked in water. It depends on fabrics, but there were cases that such fabrics shrank by almost half. So kimono fabrics are used to make bags or interior goods which basically don’t require washing. When kimono fabrics are used to make clothing, the fabrics are stretched and dried before making. And after the clothing is done, it will be sent for dry cleaning.

Futon (flat bedding) and zabuton (floor cushions) are standard remade items in Japan since old times.
Futon are suitable to be remade from kimono fabrics as futon do not require washing. It is also easy to make. Aloha shirts are also standard remade items. But they are considered clothing for special occasions as they cannot be washed. Recently, dresses have also often been remade from kimono fabrics.