Gallon Tape

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Gallon Tape
As other clothes,the cuff and hem of a Kimono can be easily damaged. As a result,Hakkake(recyclable cloths of cuff and hem) of a Awase(a lined Kimono) is put out so that it will be changed if it is damaged. However,it is actually troublesome to change a Hakkake. Also for a Hitoe(unlined Kimono) there is no Hakkake so the cloth can be damaged easily. At the time when Kimono is used as daily clothes,to make things easier than changing a Hakkake people sew a tape at the cuff or hem to protect the clothes. It is so called Gallon Tape. Nowadays things like wide cloth-made tapes with accessories on side are being sold as decorations for clothes or sundries. These tapes are sewed a little more outside than the Hakkake so the accessories on side can be seen.

Although there is no tape attached to suits or formal dresses,recently there are some people wearing daily clothes or Kimono with tapes. Among them,the tapes are not only used as protection to the clothes but also accessories. Also, among the recycled Kinomos,there are tapes used by former owner remain.