Kimono Treatment Done by Professionals

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Kimono Treatment Done by Professionals

When ordinary people try to remodel their kimono, there is a limit to what they can do. On the other hand, professionals of kimono can remodel kimono using various methods, even those kimono which cannot be worn as they are. Let me introduce some examples of treatments you can ask professionals to do. For kimono which lacks the length and the legs can be seen out of the kimono, separate fabrics are added where the obi will cover and it is lengthened. Conversely, when your kimono is too long and there is too much ohashori (tucked part), the hem is cut to make it shorter.

The length will be re-arranged after sode-tsuke (shoulder) is undone and sode-haba (the width of sleeves) are adjusted. The body width (mihaba) can be adjusted by undoing the sides and sewing them back on. those kimono with faded colors after the sun exposure can be dyed again. When there are large stains and they cannot be removed even after stain removing treatment, they can be dyed again. However, they can draw a picture over the stains to hide them. According to the condition, the stained parts can be replaced with another non-noticeable parts of fabrics in case the stains appear on visible parts.

It takes money and time, but these treatment methods should be considered if your kimono are with fond memories or with valuable fabrics.