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Tamoto, it is a part look like bag under the sleeves of Kimono. It’s part of the sleeves, so there is not component that it’s called Tamoto. Tamoto like bag, so we can put something inside but it is not useful as a pocket because it is easy to fall something that we put inside because of shape of Kimono for women. The part which the side of the sleeves, Furi is open. It is good enough to handkerchief or pocket tissue. There is no Furi and inside of the sleeves are closed, some people put a wallet in Kimono for Men. Sometimes undershirt goes out of Furi, to prevent it, it is good to pin the undershirt’s sleeves with Tamoto from the inside.

There is a expression “separating the Tamoto”. it means breaking relationship. There are many theories, but no one explain the meaning clearly. Also ther is a expression “put together Tamoto”. It means doing same action and share own fortunes as a comrade.