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Nishijinori , the brand name of one of the main obi sash belts in Japan, refers to collective name for the fabric produced in Nishijin area of Kyoto, not limited to particular ways of weaving. Although it includes “Kara ori”, Chinese-styled weaving, and “Tzuzure ori”, weaving technique to show raised patterns, any types of Nishijin weavings are dyed before weaving.

Actually, what they call Nishijin is not a name of particular place but the areas as large as three square kilometers where craftsmen and those engaged in fabric businesses get together.History of Nishijin fabric dates back more than 1200 years ago but it was the Imperial Court’s order during Heian Period to weave fabric for them and get together weavers at Nishijin area that the fabric became the special product of the town.Mass production of Nishijin fabric started in Meriji Period when Jacquard loom was imported to Japan. Before the mechanization, the weave was woven by Sorabiki loom woven by two weavers. Today Nishijin weave introduces computer aided design and keep developing new and innovative designs.