Iro tomesode ( 色留袖 )

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Iro tomesode

This is a formal kimono that can be worn by both married and unmarried women.

An iro tomesode with five family crests is considered as formal as a kuro tomesode, but can only be worn to formal events. Those with three or one crests are considered less formal, and can be worn to receptions and parties. Although the kuro tomesode is traditionally considered the more formal kimono, the iro tomesode is worn at events in the imperial palace, where black is traditionally avoided. An iro tomesode without any crests is considered equal to a homongi. in other countries, a crested iro tomesode is often worn by Japanese women as formal evening wear.

Iro tomesode is usually made from rinzu (satin), mon isho chirimen (crepe) or donzu (glossy damask), and dyed with an elegant design at the hem.
An iro tomesode with five crests is usually matched with white accessories, similar to a kuro tomesode. Those with three or one crests can be matched with light-colored obiage and obijime. Embroidered accessories can also be used.

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