Some obi ( dyed obi ) ( 染め帯 )

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Some obi ( dyed obi )

A “some” obi or dyed obi is usually considered more casual than a woven obi. This is in opposition to kimono – a dyed kimono is considered more formal than a woven kimono. From the past, it has been a practice to match a dyed obi with a woven kimono, and a woven obi with a dyed kimono.

Now, there are a variety of dyed obis catering to all styles – seasonal or luxurious.
“Some” obis are often made of shiose (a silk fabric). It is a versatile obi which can be used throughout the year except during the hottest part of summer. From seasonal obis to geometrical prints and modern designs, they can be worn simply and casually. A dyed Nagoya obi can be worn with a tsumugi or a komon. There are also dyed obis made from chirimen and shibori.

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