Shirabyoshi(Whit rhythm)

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AlCx9Q2zhzT7VASB4c4zZcy1xT8f-fg38grG0eSE6f4Shirabyoshi(Whit rhythm)

Shirabyoshi is one of the dances, which came about around the late Heian period or the Kamakura period. The dancers are also called as shirabyoshi. Sizuka Gozen is one of the most famous dancers and she often appears in period dramas. Originally, Shrabyoshi dance had a religious connotation. It was considered as the dance dedicated to gods. While some say that most of Shirabhoshi danders were prostitutes, many regard that they share the same origin as “Miko, ” maiden in the service of a Shinto shrine. This might explain the reason why Shirabhoshi’ s attire is similar to the one Miko wears today in many ways.

One thing we should note is that Shirabhoshi’s attire is basically for men.
They wear Suikan and Eboshi, a men’s outfit and a cap the men wore at that time. In many cases they even carry swords.The music and dances originated from Shirabyoshi have been played up to now as traditional art, Some enjoy as their hobbies.
The attire itself is very popular and regardless of the fact that the word “Shirabhoshi” is not heard in general, you may find its outfit in many occasions.