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Obijime is a final cord to fasten the tied Obi.

If this cord come untied, Otaiko will also fall, so it’s very important item. In addition,since it comes to the center of Obi, it stands out very much.

There are designed Obijime but it’s better to use easy to fasten ones until you get used to it.  A simple braided style cord would be recommended for beginners. Maruguke style cord which cotton core is wrapped by cloth is also easy to fasten, but it’s rarely seen recently.

There are Hanha Obi for summer and winter. Yurugi gumi style of Obi Jime and Sanbu Himo,which is used to put on Obi Dome, can be wear for all seasons.

Kumi Himo Style Obijime which is for summer is loosely braided. It looks lacy and cool, but since it is loosely braided, it made by hard cords so it would be hard to tie until you get used to it.

Hanha obi doesn’t need Obi Dome but it’s common to use it as an accessory. In this case, you won’t get into trouble if it loosen, so you can enjoy it by selecting rare material cords or knotting it into unique shapes.