Hanhaba obi

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Hanhaba obi is a full-lengthed obi which has half a width of normal obi. It is a basic rule to wear it with komon or casual kimonos, and not for formal kimonos. Meanwhile, when wearing hakama, you wear hanhaba obi under your hakama whether you wear furisode or iromuji.

The characteristic of hanhaba obi is that it is easy to use. There is no complicating rules because it’s for daily use, and you can tie them freely. There is no specific rules for patterns or materials, so some people make it by themselves with their favorite cloth.

When tying them by yourself, you tie it in front of your body, and bring it to your back. It is dramatically easy to tie compared to Nagoya obi and fukuro obi which you have to make the shape at your back, and even beginners can make beautiful shapes by practicing a little.

There are a few basic ways to tie, for example bunko (book), or shell’s mouth, but bow tie is just fine, and some people make complicated shapes by using subsidiary ropes. You need considerable length to make a complicated shape, but recently obi with relatively long lengths are sold for that purpose.