Classic Obi

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Classic Obi
Some classic obi belts have unseen so much today.

[Round Obi]
Round Obi is defined as the origin of Fukuro obi, which is consisted of cloth for obi wholly and the lining is not used.
Though it is extremely gorgeous, it is heavy for that and hard to be fastened. So Fukuro obi which is modified from round obi, has been prevalent. Today, Round obi is used for only bridal. The size is the same as Fukuro obi, so it is fastened as double-drum or fancy-form as Fukuro obi.

[Day-Night Obi]
Day-Night Obi is, what is now called reversible obi, generally made of bright-colored cloth on the front side and black cloth on the back side. The bright cloth is regarded as daytime, and black one is night, which is called Day-Night Obi.
Day-Night Obi is a reversible belt, but it is not used changing one side to another; in fact, it is made to be fastened beautifully when the knot is made to show the back side called “hocking knot” or “pulling knot”. Thus, the feature of the obi is longer than present Nagoya obi and shorter than Fukuro obi in order to fit the knot.