Tatoshi (kimono wrapping paper)

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Tatoushi (kimono wrapping paper)

Kimono are wrapped in a large piece of paper when storing kimono. This paper is called “tatoushi”. Tatoushi is made of washi (Japanese paper). It has an excellent ventilation capability and absorbs and releases excess moisture from kimono. So it is said to prevent kimono from getting moldy. Papers other than washi are poor in ventilation capability, so it is not suitable for wrapping kimono. On the other hand, some suggest that kimono can be easily infested with bugs when they are wrapped with tatoushi. So there are people who claim it is better not to wrap kimono with tatoushi if you are keeping kimono in a chest made of paulownia wood which is great in humidity control. However, it is easier when kimono are wrapped in tatoushi considering the trouble of taking kimono in and out of the chest.

In general, when you buy a new kimono or send kimono for washing or treatment, these kimono will be sent to the place wrapped in new tatoushi. Using this tatoushii9uoGo2VIc1JD5JhyIErTOfzBY6eFJH1T9HhUZbGvC0 will answer the purpose for the time being.  Also, cardboards are sometimes used to prevent kimono from losing its shape. But it is just a paper that absorbs humidity easily unlike Japanese papers. So you need to remove it right away. Leaving it will cause molds to infest.