Kimono for children

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Kimono for children

Kimono for children has also the same shape as the kimono for adult basically. However, since the useless cloth comes out in the same kimono making for adult, we have devised a way of cutting. Special kimono for children called “Hitotumi” or “Yotsumi” can be made depending on the difference in this cutting method. The kimono for adults is called “Hondachi”.

Because children grow fast, we make kimono slightly bigger in “Hitotumi” and “Yotsumi”.  Children wear “Hitotumi” and “Yotsumi” which sew darts in part of the waist and the shoulder. The part sewing darts and sewing darts are called “Kataage” and “Koshiage”. You make darts at “Koshiage” and “Kataage” narrow little by little every time kimono becomes smaller. You can wear with just the right size without retailoring. Children around 3 years old or less wear Hitotumi, children from 3 years old to around 10 years old wear Yotsumi, children over around 10 years old wear Hondacchi with Kataage and Koshiage, and children over 13 years old wear Hondachi without Kataage and Koshiage. Kimono which 3 years old children wear on top of the komono in the Seven-Five-Three Festival is called “Hifu”, that is, the overcoat. It is not necessary for them to wear it, but the heavy band is not required because the band part is hided in the overcoat and the burden on the child becomes lighter. The Hifu has become typically used today.