Kimono clothing fabric

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Kimono in general was made from the 100% silk called the pure silk. However, if the pure silk is used, it became very expensive; therefore, the cotton or the wool were used for making casual kimono.
Furthermore, more cool linen might be used for making summer kimono.

Recently, the development of technology allows using polyester for making kimono. The real silk looks good and feel smooth, but it has weak point of poor water resistant. The polyester has a good resistance against the water and it can be worn even in rainy day, but it has weak point of generating the static electricity and looks cheap depending on the fabric.

If you want to wear frequently, the polyester may be recommended since it is easy to handle. However, if it is possible, just try to wear the kimono made from both polyester and pure silk. The difference of clothing materials can be understood if wearing those actually. The used or recycled kimono is mainly old ones, so almost all of those are made of traditional pure silk.

Wearing the kimono made of cotton or wool limits the situations, but it looks cool if casually. Since those are casual kimono, it features the omission of lining and it can be worn without lining even in deep winter.