How to Choose a Japanese Summer Cotton Kimono (yukata)

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If you are considering purchasing a Yukata, you can choose either tailor made or off the shelf. If you have plenty of time and budget then a tailor made then you can have one made that suits you perfectly by consulting a kimono shop, the finish of these garments is of course the best. However, these days ready to wear, cheaper, off the shelf garments are mostly sold. What you must be concerned with when purchasing an off the shelf garment is choosing your size. Most of the commonly available Yukata are freesize, designed for a person of 160cm in height with a little spare. The Yukata looks best with a shorter in both the length and sleeve. In fact finding sizes for taller or solidly built persons is not very problematic.

On the other hand slimmer or shorter people will often find the sizes too big.
There are some brands that offer an S size but, where there is only a freesize available, order made shops can possibly tailor a garment to a smaller fit to suit you.
Please consult them.