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Mission statement

In this era of globalization, the world’s cultures get scrambled and mixed up. What does it even mean to be Japanese now? What should it mean?When our parents were young, Japanese people were still casually wearing kimono. Why didn’t our generation inherit this habit?

All around the world, people know what kimono are. We always hear about how they express ‘Japanese beauty’ or ‘elegance’.

*Millions of people* around the world want to try on kimono, but have never gotten the chance.

*Hundreds of millions of kimono* are resting on Japanese shelves, unused.

Let’s make this happen.

What we do

We always love to talk with kimono fans around the world. Some staffs inside FURICLE are bilingual or multilingual, and would like to talk with more people outside Japan via Skype.
If you are interested in communicate with FURICLE, please feel free to contact us.

Skype ID: furicle



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